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Bro-Split Training is Sh*t

Bro-Split Training is Sh*t

Bro-split training

Monday: Chest, Tues: Back, Weds: Shoulders, Fri: Legs.

Does your workout split look something like this?

You assign one day to one muscle group? This is commonly referred to as a bro-split.

This, by the way, is NOT optimal for any kind of strength training, whether it be for hypertrophy or building strength.

The exception to this is when you’re a newbie. When you’re a newbie, it kind of doesn’t really matter how you train if you want to see gains. Any new stimuli will result in gains.

HOWEVER, once you’ve exhausted your newbie gains (usually around after a year of lifting), training with a bro-split is NOT optimal. Training a muscle group only once a week is making you leave gains on the table.

Bro-splits are REALLY ineffective. Your progress will taper off very quickly and you’ll be smashing your head against the wall, not knowing why you look exactly the same as you did 3 years ago.

This is because it only takes 2-3 days for a muscle group to fully recover, so if you’re training one muscle group, once a week, you could’ve and SHOULD’VE hit them twice or even three times in the same period!

If you want to get BIGGER or STRONGER, the key is increasing volume and frequency.

If you want a bigger chest, you gotta hit them MORE than once a week. If you want a stronger deadlift, you gotta hit it MORE than once a week.

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell am I going to fit in 3 chest days, 3 back days, 3 leg days and 3 shoulder days? There are only 7 days in a week.

The answer is simple. Train multiple muscle groups simultaneously multiple times a week. As in, bring them all together.

A typical bro-Monday chest workout would be something like 3 sets of 10-12 reps for 4 different chest movements. So that’s about 12 sets of chest in one day.

Now, how do we optimise our training with greater frequency and volume? We can do 15-18 sets of chest. Instead of doing all of the sets in one day, we spread them throughout the week.

6 sets on Monday, 4 sets on Thurs and another 6 on Saturday. Then we do the same with the other muscle groups. Take 15-18 sets of back, shoulders and legs and then spread them out throughout the week.

Bear in mind, for hypertrophy you’re looking to do sets of 10-15 reps, whereas for strength building, you’re looking at sets of 3-10 reps.

Hopefully that all makes sense. Just remember the key to progression is higher frequency and volume.


Train multiple muscle groups every gym session and make sure you hit each muscle group at least twice a week for MAXIMUM GAINS.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,


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