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DON'T DO THIS: Not Using The Clips

DON'T DO THIS: Not Using The Clips

Not using the clips

NOT USING THE CLIPS. I can’t think of anything stupider in the gym than not using the clips on the barbell.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen almost near-perfect reenactments of scenes from Final Destination being played out in the gym, simply because some know-it-all was too f*cking lazy to put on some clips on the ends of the plates.

You’ll hear a massive BOOM and CRASH, followed by gasps. The gym floor shudders and you see plates spinning round and round, before they eventually come to a dead halt. At which point, the d*ckhead who couldn’t be arsed to put on clips on the barbell sheepishly apologises to everyone around, whilst he/she quickly collects the plates, like someone who’s dropped all their books in the school corridor in front of their crush. That is if they apologise at all.

Alternatively, I’ve seen plenty of these d*ckheads not apologise and play it cool like they intentionally meant for the 20kg plates to come raining down like a landslide and potentially turning someone’s foot into actual minced meat.

I once told a guy off for purposefully letting the plates slide off the barbell whilst bench pressing. He said it was so he could bail. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU BAIL A LIFT!

For one, if you know you’ll be attempting a lift that might be too heavy for you, HAVE A F*CKING SPOTTER.

I don’t care if you think you don’t need them. I don’t care if you think you’ve got the balance of a tight-rope walker. Put on the f*cking clips.

If you can’t be arsed to use the clips, I GUARANTEE there’ll be one time where you tilt the bar just ever so slightly too much and all the plates will shoot off the bar like a slingshot, and you better pray no one is standing nearby.

You might be thinking, ‘chill, bro.’ But it’s just such a needlessly dangerous thing to do. These aren’t plates of cotton candy. These are HEAVY plates of METAL falling from a substantial height. Don’t risk SERIOUSLY harming someone else, just because you can’t spend 0.8 seconds putting on the clips.

Seriously, if putting on clips is too difficult for you, lifting ACTUAL weights is probably not for you.

I’ve seen too many close calls in my gym career to not get angry about it. Choosing to not put on the clips is similar to drink-driving. You’re putting yourself and others at risk of serious harm. Plain and simple.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,


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