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DON'T DO THIS: Put Your Weights Back

DON'T DO THIS: Put Your Weights Back

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Not re-racking the weights


The gym is a shared space, used by the humble beginner all the way up to the most, experienced lifting veteran, and EVERYONE should respect the gym and look after it.

This absolutely involves putting your f*cking weights back on the rack.

Just because no one ever tells you off when you don’t put your weights back, it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t secretly hate you and wish that you forget to screw the lid on tight on your shaker, and protein shake goes all over your face.

You see, the gym is like a communal kitchen. If you leave your pots and pans out after you’re done cooking, you’re an inconsiderate d*ck.

If you don’t put your weights back, you’re no better than that person who does f*ck all during group projects, but still tries to get credit for the work.

If you’re strong enough to take the weight off the rack, you’re sure as hell strong enough to put them back.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,


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