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Ego-lifting is just EMBARRASSING

Ego-lifting is just EMBARRASSING

Ego-lifting. You don’t get any points for quarter repping.

This mistake is almost unforgivable.


Not going through the full range of motion and not taking the time to properly learn proper form and then getting angry you’re not seeing any gains and getting injured all the time is like eating McDonald’s 4 times a day and not understanding why you’re overweight.


Proper form and full range of motion is the FIRST thing you should really pay close attention to before you even think about anything.


Don’t you dare think about adding more weight to the bar if you can’t even reach depth on the squat.


Squatting 3 plates is utterly POINTLESS if you’re quarter repping it with a rounded back. (That’s what I used to do.) I repeatedly seriously hurt my lower back back in my early lifting days, meaning I couldn’t train for months at at time.

I quickly learnt that going through the full range of motion, with proper form is INFINITELY more beneficial than quarter-repping something heavy with terrible form.

So I stopped squatting 3 plates and started from scratch. I started squatting the bar only, nailed the form, and slowly added weight. Now, my 1 rep max on the squat is 200kg with perfect form and depth.

F*ck your ego. Learn proper form and go through the full range of motion.

There are a million videos on YouTube that’ll show you proper form for any lift you can think of.

Quarter-reps and poor form score you no points, apart from no gains and plenty of injuries.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,


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