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In the second installment of the Pointless Exercise Series, I’ll be going in on the Ab Crunch.

This is probably the first ab exercise anyone learns. Possibly the most iconic of all ab exercises.

I can still remember doing them at primary school during PE. We’re taught these from a very early age, and pretty much anything we learn at any early age and carry on into later life becomes difficult to unlearn or reject.

So if you want stronger, blockier abs, the crunch is pretty sh*t, compared to so many other ab exercises out there.

Your abs are like any other muscle. If you want stronger, bigger, blockier, chunkier abs that show through, you need to train them like any other muscle group.

The key thing to understand is that in order for the muscle to grow and get stronger, it needs to be flexed and extended. Or in nerdy terms there needs to be flexion and extension.

Think about the bicep. To grow the bicep you might do a bicep curl. You flex the elbow, bringing the dumbell all the way up to the chin-level and extend all the way down to below hip-level. There’s flexion and extension.

The ab crunch is such a small range of motion. There’s barely any spinal flexion and ab contraction.

To get blockier, thicker abs that show through, you need to maximise spinal flexion and extension. If you can add resistance, even better.

For example, hanging leg raises is amazing for spinal flexion and extension.

Any kind of movement that involves the body folding in half at the hips is where you’ll maximise ab contraction and, therefore, abdominal GAINS.

V-Snaps, Reverse Sit-Ups, Russian Twists, Windscreen Wipers, Hanging Knee Raises.

Those are just a few ab movements that make a mockery of the ab crunch.

Stop doing ab crunches and try one or all of them.

Then, throw out your grater. You won’t need that anymore with your new blocky set of abs.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,


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