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Pumps don't mean muscle growth

Pumps don't mean muscle growth

Pumps don’t mean muscle growth. Pumps just mean blood is being directed. Full reps means full muscle breakdown, maximising muscle growth.

This is a big misconception so many gym-bros have. So many people believe that just because you have a RIDICULOUS pump, you’re going to grow muscle.

This is probably because “fitness” personalities such as Kali Muscle and CT Fletcher promote and live by a style of training that DOES NOT work for the lifting majority who are natural. This style of training is comprised of partial reps and performing a STUPID number (20-30+ reps per set) of them, which of course will produce STUPID pumps. They also think overtraining is a myth.

You see, overtraining and partial reps aren’t really a problem if you’re on that sweet, sweet juice.

If you’re natural, HOWEVER, partial reps is like reading the first page of Homer, and expecting to be an expert in Ancient Greek literature.

To get the full benefit of any movement, you HAVE to go through the full range of motion; you need to read the whole f*cking book. You’re better off dropping the weight down and going through the full range of motion than going heavy and doing shitty quarter reps.

The classic 21s for biceps comes to mind. I don’t care how much of a pump you get from doing 21s. 14 of those 21 reps are PARTIAL REPS. I know. It came as a shock to me as well when I realised this.

A pump DOESN’T mean muscle damage. All it means is that blood is being directed towards that part of the body. To get full muscle damage, you MUST go through the full range of motion.

Trainer SMARTER, not HARDER.

F*ck your ego. Drop the weight if you need to and go through the FULL range of motion.

That’s all from me.

Happy lifting,



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