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5 Style Tips for the Male Lifter

5 Style Tips for the Male Lifter

Tip 1


Get it altered


If you’re anything like me getting anything to fit you is a nightmare, especially trousers. Us lifters have smaller waists, and chunky thighs, but we still want tapered trousers and jeans. No one wears regular cut, or, worse still, boot cut.


But, normal slim-fit jeans will barely go past our knees. Having large quads is both a blessing and a curse. 


My tip for you. Get it altered. I know nowadays there are actually quite a few brands that produce slim fit jeans for chunky thighs and small waists, but if you’re not about that skin tight, sprayed-on look like myself then you’re kind of stuffed. Unless you get it altered.


I’m a 32/32, but standarad 32/32 slim fit jeans won’t even go past my thighs. These jeans were originally a 36/32 (pictured above). I have to go up several sizes simply to get a pair that will fit around my thighs comfortably but still tapered.


I wore these jeans for a year before getting them altered and it was honestly so annoying having it sit so loosely on the waist, and having it all bunched up under my belt. So I thought, screw it. I’m going to spend a bit more cash so that they fit me perfectly the way I want them to.


So my advice to you if you’re like me, you have chunky thighs and a small waist, you want tapered but not skin tight jeans and trousers, get a pair of trousers/ jeans that fit your legs the you want them to, (for me, it’s tapered and fitted, but not skin-tight; there’s still room for movement), go up a few sizes if you need to, then get the waist altered. I’ve also cropped the bottom, so the hem sits an ankle height. These jeans have a bit of stretch so they’re super comfy, but it doesn’t feel thin and cheap like stretch denim normally does. It just feels like normal denim.


I’ve done the same with my chinos. You might say that getting things altered is too expensive. The thing is a lifter’s physique is different to the average physique. I definitely thing it’s worth the money to wear clothes that don’t feel like they’re strangling you, whilst still showing off your physique.


Tip 2




I know that most guys nowadays like to keep it as plain and simple as possible. I think if you went out to any pub across the nation, the majority of guys will wear jeans, a plain t-shirt and if it’s cold enough, a plain crew neck jumper.


I’m like that most of the time. For me, it’s just a quick, safe option. But sometimes, I’ll look around and feel like a bit of a sheep seeing every guy wearing the same outfit. Plain t-shirt and jumper and jeans.


I think the plain-t, plain jumper combo is even more important and prevalent among  male lifters because these fabrics are stretchy, meaning they’re a lot easier to fit. They’re just more comfortable as well.


So, how do make this young man’s uniform into something less boring and a bit more stylish. It’s really simple. Just add one statement accessory. It could be a hat.  A bracelet. Or the timeless classic. A dress watch.


My favourites are the bracelet and watch option. Because they’re quite discrete but lifts the outfit a fair bit.


Tip 3


Get yourself a pair of flat-soled sneakers.


These are perfect for both lifting and can go with almost every casual outfit.


Normal trainers with squishy soles are perfect crap for lifting in my opinion. For the squat, and deadlift in particular, you want a hard, stable foundation. Running shoes are squishy.


One pair of shoes that can take you to the gym and then to a party means less stuff to carry. You save money and space. Win, win.


Tip 4


Stop wearing plain t-shirts and jumpers. Go bold and throw on some prints.


Sometimes you’ve got to make an effort.


 If you’re going on a date or going to socialise at some swanky garden party. Put on a shirt. Ladies make a huge effort. So do the same. Now that it’s the summer, take a chance and be a bit bolder. Throw on some prints. If you wear it with confidence, people will appreciate the effort.


There’s something about seeing a bold outfit at a party that automatically raises the atmosphere. When they see you’ve made an effort, people feel good about their decision to come to the party and the vibe just naturally elevates.


How bold should you go? Well, as bold as you’re comfortable with. Tropical printed shirts are notoriously ill-fitting in my experience. However, these Muscle-Fit Printed Shirts from Hornbilly London are perfect for the male lifter who is not afraid of a bit of colour and fun.


There’s more space in the chest, shoulders and arms, whilst tapering at the waist. Hence accentuating the arms and your v-taper, without pinching and without being baggy. These shirts fit, not constrict, as I say. I can move freely. I don’t feel like I’m in a straight-jacket.


Tip 5


When all else fails, just make sure you have a fresh haircut and good hygiene.


I’m always amazed at the difference a fresh haircut makes. Just a quick clean-up of the sides even makes all the difference.


If you can grow an even beard, keep it well-maintained. Obviously, I can’t grow one. So I won’t go on about it. Unless you can actually grow a full, even beard, you’re better off going clean shaven always. No one has ever looked at a patchy beard and said, ‘I like how patchy and uneven it is’.


Good hygiene- I don’t need to tell you that you should smell fresh and look clean.


The main takeaway though is understanding fit. Understand that fit is everything. You could pull off a sack of potatoes, but if you get it to fit you and accentuate your physique, then you’re better off wearing the sack of a potatoes then wearing a £100 shirt from Calvin Klein that fits like a parachute.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those tips. Get out and dress better. Just because you’re physique is changing, it doesn’t mean that your style should be compromised. You’ve put in the dedication to create this physique, so show it off as best you can with clothes that match it.


That’s all from me.


I’m Zain.


Happy styling.



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