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Step up your smart casual game this Summer!

Step up your smart casual game this Summer!

5 reasons to wear a casual shirt this Summer

Although you may have been waiting all year to wear that beer logo tank top you go on life-changing gap year to South East Asia, I thought it would be helpful to reacquaint you all with the much underrated Oxford shirt. 

There's no argument about it. Every man should have one. It's a garment that covers almost all the bases and can be worn for all occasions.

If there ever was a time to show off your style and sophistication, it is the Summer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should wear an Oxford shirt this Summer:

1. Stand out with understated sophistication

Whilst most men will opt for a simple tee and shorts, this probably isn't good enough for the well-built gentleman like yourself. Become noticed for all the right reasons by adding a certain je ne sais quois with the simple change of an Oxford shirt. Our interpretation of the Oxford, in the Franco and Arnie, with its smart simplicity and clean lines, cut a beautiful outline around the muscular male physique. Against the army of tank tops and boring tees, the Franco and Arnie will add an air of understated sophistication to your summer outfit. 

2. Don't dress like a teenager

How often do we see grown men dress like they've just finished their GCSEs and can't wait to go to Disneyland, wearing graphic tees and cargo shorts? I mean, whatever, dress how you want. As a well-built gent, however, you most likely don't dress like that. Oxford shirts are Espressos and classic convertibles, whilst graphic tees are juice boxes and getting picked up by your mum.

3. Effortlessly look like you made an effort

Another massive advantage of the Oxford shirt is its versatility. It can be worn with a tie and blazer in the winter/ cool summer evenings, or paired with shorts and espadrilles. Either way, you'll 100% look like you made an effort and care about being at the garden party that your partner made you go to, even though all you did was literally throw on a shirt. Jokes aside, maximise your Oxford shirt and use it for any occasion, from popping out to the shops to a swanky rooftop do.

4. Time saver

This is sort of an extension of #3. Its versatility means that you need to put little to no-thinking when putting an outfit together because its quite difficult to mess up a classic like an Oxford. Its all-occasion versatility saves countless minutes faffing about the wardrobe choosing an outfit and hundreds of hours arguing with your girlfriend whether or not your outfit looks good. 

5.  Never goes out of style

The best reason of all is its timelessness. There's a reason why your dad's dad wore Oxford shirts. This is a piece that will serve you well season after season, all year long. You could look back at an old Instagram post from years later and still say, 'dang, do I look sharp.' So it only makes sense that you wisely choose an Oxford shirt that will stand the test fashion time and will accompany you through your life. As a well-built gent, your body will most likely grow as you progress through your fitness journey, so it only makes sense you wear Oxford shirts that fit you, like our Classics.

That's all for today. Be triangle.

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