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What Makes Our Muscle-Fit Printed Shirt Unique

What Makes Our Muscle-Fit Printed Shirt Unique


 The most, and we mean it, the most important part of any outfit is the fit.

You could spend all the money in the world on an outfit, but if it doesn't fit you in the right places, you're going to look like you borrowed your dad's wardrobe for the night.

Since you are the well-built gentleman, mainstream clothing does not fit you. They are made for the average-built bloke. So, don't be surprised when the clothes look rubbish on you. We are all too familiar with shirts that might as well be a parachute or are so tight the seams look like they're about to give up.     

We are pioneering menswear for the muscular gentleman. Join us on our quest to put an end to ill-fitting shirts for the well-built.


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