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What to wear this Summer? 5 Must-Have Essentials

What to wear this Summer? 5 Must-Have Essentials

Warm beaches, sunsets, throwing a ball around in the park, ice cream dripping down your hand, cycles along the canal, festivals and Kygo playing on repeat.

Summer is a precious commodity, so make the most of the the sunshine and good vibes by showing off your unique physique with some of my top 5 Summer essentials every well-built gent needs.

With these items in your summery armoury, women will pause mid-sentence and men will offer the classic guy-nod, as they admire your undeniable sophistication and air of nonchalant charisma (or at least something like that).  

1. A pair of crisp white/ pastel sneakers

Match the laid-back, cheerful vibes with a pair of simple, classic sneakers but bring them into 2017 with some understated colour like a cool pastel. I recommend the Vans Old Skool in Tropical Peach (pictured above). It's beautifully simple with a low profile that keeps in with the stylish, clean look we're going for. The suede and canvas upper adds a touch of luxury, elevating these skateboard classics into a Summer suave staple.

In terms of socks, I suggest either a mid-calf solid colour sock or no-show socks, nothing in between. 

Ditch the grubby flip-flops and grab a pair of simple classic sneakers and kick back with a cold, preferably fruity, cocktail.

2. A sleek pair of sunglasses

For men, generally, less is more when it comes to accessories. If you were to purchase just one summer accessory it would have to be a pair of sunglasses. They are such an underrated accessory. Not only do they stop you from being blinded by the sun and looking like a naked mole rat seeing light for the first time, but they simply make your face look better. Some people believe it's because sunglasses make the face appear more symmetrical.

The shades I'm rocking this season are the Balto from Roav Eyewear (pictured above).

3. Dad hat

Much like sunglasses, dad hats help to protect you from the Sun. If you think you're tougher than the FRICKING SUN and don't need protection then maybe just follow our advice anyway. The dad hat in a simple bold solid colour without any large logos shouting at you can offer some really cool, chilled vibes to your outfit. It seems to be the staple of the young entrepreneur/ start-up tech billionaire's wardrobe, so surely you can't go wrong yourself with one.

It can also be a massive time-saver. Got bed head/ can't be bothered to do your hair? A dad hat has been scientifically proven to solve this in literally seconds. 

4. Above-the-knee shorts

Promise me you will not go anywhere near a pair of cargo shorts. I'm glad we sorted that out nice and early. Above-the-knee shorts in a solid colour are absolutely perfect for a simple sophisticated look this Summer. You want your shorts to expose a bit of the teardrop, not too much. We're not going for hot pants here. The beauty of above-the-knee shorts is that they elongate the legs and offer some much needed slenderness to most muscular builds, preventing you from looking overly bulky, more towards Arnold in his heyday posing atop the boulders and less like the pile of rocks underneath, if that makes any sense.

The overall effect is a very aesthetic stylish silhouette that reminds the world of the fact that you don't skip leg day. 

5. A tropical/floral pattern shirt

It should come as absolute no surprise but, as a well-built gent, the only tropical shirts you should be looking at are our Beaches from Hornbilly Apparel. I absolutely love shirts with bold, colourful prints. They're so much fun to wear, but generally, these shirts are made to be oversized or feel like they were made to fit your 3-year-old niece. 

Yes, I appreciate the whole oversized fit is pretty hot at the moment, but this completely goes against the sacred and ancient (and totally not made up by me) laws of aesthetics and gains. Why drown out your unique physique in unnecessary fabric. Furthermore, you'll be sweating even more buckets when the sun turns up, as the extra fabric seals in the juices.

We put a lot of work into this shirt to ensure it accentuates the key details of your muscular build, whilst maximising comfort and range of motion. Don't just be the life of the party, dress like it!

Here's to an amazing Summer!


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